Cornell Memorial Funeral Home

Our Funeral Home is located in Danbury Connecticut. We are proud to serve the families of Danbury and surrounding communities.

Cornell Memorial HomeIn keeping with the early tradition of wakes being held in the family home, we, at the Cornell Memorial welcome you into our home. This old house offers many comfortable areas to visit with friends and celebrate the life of your loved one.

One of the fine architectural features of this late Victorian homeOne of the fine architectural features of this late Victorian home.

Cornell Memorial Home - Front Lobby      Formal entrance at                                              Cornell Memorial                                                 Funeral Home.

Cornell Memorial Home - Rear EntranceThe rear entrance is located off a spacious parking lot and is handicapped accessible.

Cornell Memorial Home - Lounge AreaSpacious lounge area outside the visitation rooms. Many furnishings and accessories are the originals from the Cornell Family.

Main Entrance Way - Cornell Memorial HomeMain entry area at Cornell Memorial Funeral Home.

Gold Room - Cornell Memorial HomeThe Gold Room is used for more private, intimate services. The comfortable atmosphere here allows families a more informal gathering area.

Veteran's Memorial WallOur Veterans Memorial is a complete record of all the Danbury Veterans from WW1 to Vietnam who sacrificed their lives serving our Country.

Private Area at Cornell Memorial HomeWe provide areas for family and friends to visit. This room is located close to both visitation rooms and is comfortable for children outside the main visiting areas.

This area is also used to meet with families and clergy, allowing them to discuss and finalize funeral plans.

Memorial Display at Cornell Memorial Home    Special memorial display                                    prepared by a family.

Main Entrance to Visitation RoomsEntrance of the Main Visitation Room.

Main Visitation RoomThe main visitation room can be used for more formal services. It offers a large area for gathering of friends. The use of the audio system and Baby Grand Piano are encouraged, pianists are available upon request.

Main Visitation RoomSecond view of Main Visitation Room.

Conference Room at Cornell Memorial HomeThis is the Conference Room where the funeral director meets with families to plan services.

Selection and Casket Room at Cornell Memorial Home

We offer a large selection of precious metals, stainless steel, metal and hardwood caskets.

Selection Room at Cornell Memorial HomeIn our Selection Room families are welcome to select items that reflect the deceased life. Options range from custom interiors to personalized interchangeable casket corners.

Cremation Vaults         This product display is of                                     Wibert Burial Vaults.

Cremation Caskets

Cremation Caskets are available for those choosing traditional services with cremation as a final disposition.

Cremation UrnsWe have a wide selection                                       of urns available.

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